Hippocrates—one of the founders of western medical thought—said,"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Around the same time, the classical text for East Asian medicine, The Yellow Emperor's Classic was written. It mapped out that food is considered our first medicine. Learning to use food as medicine is an integral concept in both Eastern and Western medical philosophies. 

Food as medicine is an empowering concept. Everything that we eat and drink influences different systems in our bodies. We know that food is our fuel and that it becomes the tissues and blood in our body. However, there is so much more to know about how to use food as medicine. 

In East Asian medicine different flavors support, soothe, or rebalance different organ systems. Pairing specific flavors can help counteract acute changes in digestion or help you avoid getting sick when your family brought home a cold from the office or school. Common ingredients that we keep on hand can positively influence our emotions.  

Not only that, but the way we cook our food or don't cook it, is also integral in learning how to use food as medicine. If you watch our video series, you'll learn how your body will tell you whether it needs cooked food or raw food throughout the year. You'll learn when to employ steaming, braising, poaching, stewing, or simply raw eating. These are simple, yet powerful tools to keep you and your family the healthiest throughout the year. 

There is a rhythm to the seasons of the year in regards to cooking and what to cook. Our videos will teach you how to tap into that rhythm to keep your body and your energy robust all year round. 

Finally, learning to use your food as medicine is both a preventative and a restorative practice. Our videos will teach you how to listen to your body in order to know what organ systems need help, and how to help them. You will learn what foods to naturally lean to during different seasons of the year and how best to cook them in order to prevent illness from occuring. You'll also learn the subtle signs that your body gives before it develops an illness. Once you know how to recognize when your body needs a cooking style or culinary adjustment, you'll be able to employ more preventative strategies to keep your body in tip top shape. 

This is not a diet plan. This is a comprehensive tool to secure and protect your health. 

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