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My passion is empowering individuals to learn how to use food as medicine. I am a licensed acupuncturist that loves the holistic approach of East Asian medicine, and am eager to share it with anyone that wants to have a new tool box for their health.

Our 6-part video course will show you how to incorporate this ancient, time-tested theory into food choices and cooking styles for each season. It will teach you how to listen to your own body, in order to recognize the subtle signs that our bodies use to tell us we are drifting away from optimal health. It will then teach you how to use real food, common kitchen herbs, vegetables, fruit, spices, and proteins to bring your body back to optimal health.

Our nutrition course also includes Chinese medicine 101 for each season, incorporating a concept from the ancient text, The Neijing, called ‘The Art of Living’ with guidelines on how to exercise, dress, and rest throughout the each of the seasons of the year. Best of all, this information can be tailored to fit any lifestyle and dietary plan, so if you're vegetarian or vegan, or have food allergies or sensitivities, you can easily adjust the foods and recipes accordingly.  

Please note: these courses have been designed to help you optimize your health and diet. They are not curative for more complex medical conditions. If you have an existing medical condition or known food allergies, please consult your physician or health care specialist.



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Are you ready to learn how to use food as medicine?

Lindsey’s video series first and foremost taught me that health isn’t about perfection but rather my ability to deal with change. This was huge for me because I thought “health” meant I was ALWAYS healthy and had energy, NEVER got sick or felt bad physically or emotionally, and was only achieved by perfectly eating the “right” diet and having the “right” exercise regimen. However, through Lindsey’s videos I learned it’s really about the ability to adapt to changing conditions, being balanced mind, body and spirit, and doesn’t require perfection. Secondly, when I’m starting to notice myself going off center, the videos give me strategies to employ, mainly food, but also changing how I’m doing things in a particular season, to get me back to that balance. Lastly, I believe it has helped me recover faster since adding it to my acupuncture treatments because it gives me helps in between visits to take my health in a better direction.
— Stacy W.