We want you to be successful in your affiliate program. In addition to sending you semi-regulars newsletters on how to best promote the videos to your patients, we have designed print materials for your office. We have two different postcards, a rack card, and patient brochure that helps explain the videos to your patients. The postcards are eye catching ways to attract the interest of your patient. The patient brochure takes the work out of explaining the videos to your patients. The print material is a great way for your waiting room or office staff to help patients learn about the valuable tools of Chinese medical nutrition without you have to spend much time explaining the videos.

A quick example of how you can skip spending a lot of time telling patients about the video is as follows.

Example of a patient with tendonitis and frequent joint pains due to liver blood deficiency. Simply tell them that you are working on liver blood deficiency as the underlying cause of their tendonitis. Hand them the brochure while pointing out the spring video synopsis. Tell them that you would like to give them some tools at home to help support their acupuncture treatment, so you would like them to check out the spring video here in this brochure, or consider getting the entire series for a complete overview of how to use food as medicine to support their acupuncture treatments. The brochure will tell them all they need to know to make the decision as to whether or not they would like to make the purchase.


Print material:


To help get you started as a new affiliate, we will send you a welcome package of print material for your office. Make sure to include your clinic address in your affiliate profile to help us get this to you faster. If you need more, we will gladly send you refills of the print material at the cost of printing and shipping. Please let us know what you need and how much of each print item you need in increments of 10 -25.