Care to make informing your patients easier?

Earn a commission while making your patients better allies with our affiliate program

We offer an affiliate program for licensed acupuncturists and medical providers with a background in Chinese medicine. Earn a 40% commission on all sales of the digital downloads of our video series. We also offer wholesale prices on DVDs for your office. Sign up here.

digital downloads or DVDs for your office?

We find that depending on your patient demographics, you may have equal interest from your patients in purchasing DVDs and digital downloads. The DVDs are excellent to have in the office for those patients that don’t want to hassle with technology, while other patients love the option to simply have it downloaded onto their computer. Simply send us an email to order DVDs for your office. We offer free shipping to orders of five or more DVDs.

We have designed marketing material to help you be successful 

We have designed print material for your office to help advertise and explain the program to your patients. We also have digital images, small Instagram and Facebook ready video clips from each season, and advertisements available for your use.

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How the videos help you and your practice

Skip the 101 and teach your patients to be better allies in their care.

Our video series outlines the basics of how and why acupuncture works to your patients

Helping patients to:

  • Communicate more effectively with you

  • Allows you to skip the 101 conversations and dive straight into more individualized treatment plans for your patients

  • Teaches your patients how to take care of themselves each season

  • Reinforces your diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Allows you to further individualize dietary recommendations to build on the basics your patients will learn from the videos


How is the series set up?

The series consists of the Introduction and one video for each of the five seasons in Chinese medicine. The five seasons are truly videos about the five elemental organ system pairs that pertain to nutrition. We organized it by season to make it more approachable to the average patient. 

The Introduction lays the foundation for patients to understand the idea of ideal health and that symptoms will crop up as an organ system starts to fall out of balance long before there is a physical illness or disease. It teaches patients that the ideal time to seek help is when these minor symptoms develop but before a disease develops.

It also introduces and explains the metaphorical language we use to explain disease such as dampness, as well as teaching patients what qi, blood, body fluids, yin and yang are in the body.

Each of the seasonal videos tackles an organ system pair, expanding upon what aspects of the body physically, mentally, and cognitively that pair influences, how the organ system exists in health, and how it shows signs of developing an imbalance. The series teaches basic lifestyle recommendations for each season based on the Nei Jing. This engages your patient with the natural ebb and flow of yin and yang throughout the year. Each year your patient can work towards matching the yin and yang energies of the year to support building yin during the autumn and winter, to allow for enough energy to enjoy the spring and summer.

The second half of each video teaches the flavors, natures, and colors of foods that strengthen the organ system. It then expands on what foods and culinary herbs will counteract common imbalances for that organ system.

Finally, the nutrition portion of the classes teaches patients to utilize different cooking techniques throughout the year to properly support the body during each season. We reinforce the idea that nutritional medicine is not only about what we eat, but how we cook and consume it. 

While the series is set up using the seasons to organize the information, patients will learn to recognize the signs of when a specific organ starts to fall out of balance. In those moments, encourage the patients to use the cooking techniques and food selection techniques taught in the season associated with that organ system.



How this directly helps you, the practitioner

With this series, your patients will have a better understanding of what to report to you, and when to come in for help. It will also give them tools to support the work you are doing in the office. You can simply tell them their pattern and ask them to review the appropriate season’s cooking strategies, instead of having to explain what, how, and why you want to have them to eat certain vegetables, spices, and cook their food a certain way. Let the videos do the work for you.

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